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Louisville’s Asphalt Residential Paving Specialists

Whether you could use asphalt paving installation, repair, or seal coating services, Derby City Paving has you covered. Our residential paving specialists serve Louisville, KY, and surrounding areas with competitively priced services to make them affordable for all. When you give us a call for a free estimate, we’ll examine your driveway or roadway’s general condition and age. Our paving experts will then make professional recommendations for your best options to ensure your satisfaction with the outcome. We stand behind the quality of our workmanship!

Residential Paving

From Residential Paving to Seal Coating, We Do It All

You’ll be the envy of your block, thanks to your attractive asphalt driveway. Since asphalt cools and hardens quickly, the installation process is a breeze. We hope you’ll be happy with your new driveway for many years to come. Our residential paving services include all of the following:

Residential Asphalt Paving

We handle all residential paving aspects, from surveying to dirt removal and spreading gravel or loose fill paving. We prefer to use a Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA), which is a combination of approximately 95% sand, gravel, or stone bound together by asphalt cement. Asphalt cement is a crude oil product that is heated, combined, and mixed with aggregate at an HMA facility.

Residential Seal Coating

Seal coating is a protective coat only as good as the asphalt pavement to which it is applied. For long-lasting results, we recommend seal coating after your new asphalt installation. Residential seal coating prevents the cracking of bituminous pavements caused by excessive voids, poor mix stability, insufficient compaction, poor drainage, or low usage. As residential seal coating experts, we’ll get the job done fast without sacrificing quality.

Residential Chip-and-Seal

Our residential chip-and-seal services are a cost-effective way to build a new driveway or parking lot for your residential space. Chip-and-seal driveways give you the look of a gravel driveway but with a more durable oil and stone surface. Thanks to two carefully applied coats, you’ll enjoy a smooth, beautiful surface with minimal future maintenance required.

The Benefits of Our Professional Residential Paving Services

Professional paving services help increase the value of any Louisville-area property. When you rely on Derby City Paving to get the job done, you’ll enjoy a fast installation and a smooth, seamless appearance. Your new asphalt driveway or roadway will be able to withstand daily exposure to the elements, road salts and other chemicals, and heavy amounts of foot traffic. While you won’t have to worry about your asphalt driveway cracking or showing signs of wear and tear from the weight of parked cars, asphalt repairs can be completed in no time whenever damages do occur. Asphalt’s dark color ensures quicker melting of snow during the winter and less visible stains. To learn more about our residential paving services’ many benefits, please reach out to our team today!

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