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Expert Commercial Paving Services for Louisville Businesses

Curb appeal isn’t just a concern for homeowners. Companies should take pride in their property’s appearance because it’s often the first glimpse potential clients and employees receive about a brand. Having beautifully paved asphalt parking lots, roadways, and sidewalks communicate you care about the safety of the people visiting your business. Conversely, an unattractive property makes people question why they should do business with you. Derby City Paving provides commercial paving services for Louisville, KY businesses of all sizes. Our mission is to turn your dreams into reality. We’d be happy to give you a free project estimate. Feel free to reach out to us today to get started!

Commercial Paving

Affordable Commercial Asphalt Paving, Seal Coating, and More

With over 30 years of experience, we are Louisville’s commercial paving experts. Our services include:

Commercial Asphalt Paving

Our full-service commercial asphalt paving services are more affordable than you think. We handle all aspects of your paving project, from surveying to parking lot striping and markings. Whether you’re a commercial property manager or a business owner, we have commercial paving solutions to fit your needs. Our paving services include layout and design, as well as the creation of handicap-accessible spaces to accommodate your employees and visitors with special needs.

Commercial Seal Coating

As commercial seal coating experts, you can count on us to get the job done quickly without compromising quality. Seal coating adds a protective layer to any asphalt surface, but it is not intended as a crack filler or leveling material. Thanks to seal coating, you can prevent the cracking caused by poor mix stability, poor drainage, low usage, insufficient compaction, excessive voids, and other issues. We recommend seal coating every few years to preserve your asphalt surface’s appearance.

Commercial Chip-and-Seal

Our commercial chip-and-seal services are a cost-effective way to build a new driveway or parking lot for your commercial or retail space. We apply two coats of oil and stone to your surface to ensure the aesthetics of a natural gravel surface but with enhanced durability for little to no maintenance. Also called tar-and-chip, chip-and-seal paving gives you customizable options with several stone sizes and colors available.

The Benefits of Commercial Paving Services for Any Company

There are many benefits of relying on Derby City Paving for your property’s commercial paving services. Aside from the aesthetic appeal and property value boost, asphalt paving can help you improve your property’s safety. Its smooth surface offers superior skid-resistance for vehicles in your parking lot. It’s also beneficial for water drainage, resulting in fewer puddles for less risk of slip-and-falls waiting to happen. Asphalt’s dark color makes the markings on it more visible to drivers and pedestrians. You also won’t have to worry about parking lot maintenance, especially if you invest in seal coating. Asphalt is usually more affordable than concrete, making it budget-friendly. To learn more about our commercial paving services’ benefits, we invite you to contact our team.

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